There are several moving parts when it comes to a septic system, which is understandably why it’s called a “system” in the first place. Each and every component of your septic system plays a crucial part in the functionality of the plumbing in and around your home or business. It’s important that we fully understand what the key components are so that we know what they do and how they play a role in keeping your plumbing system up and running as it should.

A “drainfield”, also commonly referred to as a “leach field” is a covered excavation made underground in unsaturated soil. Defined by our friends at the EPA, “The pretreated wastewater is discharged through piping onto porous surfaces that allow wastewater to filter though the soil within the drainfield. The soil then accepts, treats, and disperses¬†wastewater as it percolates through the soil, ultimately discharging to groundwater.

If you notice there is sewage surrounding the ground surface near your septic system, your drainfield is most likely overloaded with too much liquid, causing flooding and sewage to flow to the ground surface creating backups in toilets and sinks.

You will want to be sure and avoid planting trees or shrubs nearby your leach field as well as no parking on it or over the area to avoid damaging your septic system and its “pipes”.

Regular maintenance and care of your septic system is crucial to keep your drain field clean and functioning as it should with its pumping and draining of wastewater.

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