Its Summer, and imagine this: You are grilling in your backyard with your family and the neighbors. The
weather is nice, the sun is shining. All of a sudden, you notice an issue by the pool. A septic issue.. Why
didn’t the company who installed your pool take your septic system into consideration? Unfortunately,
this issue, among others, are fairly common in the industry. Here are some tips to help you beat the
septic blues during your Summer break!

We get it, having a pool is pretty awesome. However, when installing an above ground pool, it is
necessary to make sure that the pool isn’t installed over your septic system. This can cause your system
to be unreachable for maintenance and other updates as well as issues with compacted soil.

Another issue that you might come across is landscaping difficulties. Flowers are great, but so is a
properly functioning septic system. Trees and even shrubs with deep roots can easily penetrate pipes
and cause serious damage. The safest thing to plant near your system is simple: grass.

Water is a summer time must, but think about conserving as much as you possibly can to minimize
usage on your pipes. Educate your children on turning faucets off when not being used, run your loads
of laundry in an organized manner, and try not to let everyone in your home shower back to back.

As long as you are conscientious about your septic system and the boundaries set by your installation
company, you should have a worry free summer. Always remember to do what you can to help and stick
to your regularly scheduled maintenance schedule.

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