Building a home? Wondering where to even start on a septic system? Look no further. Here are the
different types of septic systems, how they work, and what purpose they serve.

Conventional Sysytem: This type of system carries waste water from your home through a pipe to an
underground storage tank. The system separates the solids and the water. The solids form a type of
“sludge” and the water is sent back into the soil for filtration.

Chlorine Disinfection Systems: Just like in a pool, chlorine is used to disinfect the waste water. The
chlorine uses a form of oxidization to allow the water to be cleaned.

Ozone Disinfectant Systems: This is one of the most expensive systems that you could implement,
seeing as the cellular material in the system is generated by an electrical current and the air!

These are the top three most commonly used septic systems out there. As with any other septic system,
it is very important that you maintain a proper cleaning schedule as well as a maintenance schedule so
that you can utilize your system to the fullest. Every system needs to be pumped out every three to five
years at a minimum. Toxicity is at the highest whenever your system requires a pump. If you plan on
landscaping at your new home, or building a pool, please consider your septic system guidelines and
requirements on properly installing and maintaining a healthy system.

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