If you’ve been around the septic system world, you’ve most likely heard of water softeners. These softeners are used to remove hard minerals from your water that may be causing build up in your plumbing and appliances, dry hair and skin, stained laundry, spotty glassware, and a variety of other common household issues. Most water softeners consist a media tank, and the brine tank. The media tank holds the resin that removes nuisance minerals so soft water can be distributed throughout the home. The water softener’s brine tank stores salt and will add water as needed to dissolve the salt into the brine solution. The brine is used to clean the resin, knocking off the hardness minerals it gathered and sending them to the drain, so the unit is ready to remove more minerals.

Water softeners are also known to help your septic system function better. Why is that exactly? Good question! A common myth associated with water softeners and septic systems is that the sodium in softened waste reduces the effectiveness of the bacteria your septic system needs. Studies have actually shown this to be untrue. It’s been found that soft water can actually increase the biological performance in your septic tank. The right amount of sodium in the soft water aids bacterial growth, optimizing the septic treatment process. Another bonus to having soft water is using less soaps, detergents and chemicals when cleaning. By using minimal amounts of cleaning supplies there is less to worry about when it to comes to the effect these chemicals can have on your septic system.

It’s important to note here that poorly operating water softeners can produce too much brine waste when regenerating more than necessary, which in some cases may cause problems to arise with older septic systems. If the water softener is releasing too much salt and water, this could have a negative effect on your septic system’s function. That’s why it is so important to have a properly operating and efficient water softener system in any home.

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