Our goal at Meinco is to service and maintain your wastewater system with the professional expertise your wastewater system deserves. A well-maintained wastewater system will protect the environment, work efficiently, and provide years of service.

MEINCO’s┬áhands-on-experience solves and prevents wastewater system problems. Our goal is protecting your investment with regular maintenance. Reliable and responsive, MEINCO┬áhas the experience to understand the cause of most issues and offers solutions to remedy the problem.

Typical Maintenance for a Traditional Wastewater System

  • Determine solids levels in the septic tank to decide when it is time to pump the tank
  • Re-level the distribution box for equal flow to each field line
  • Examine the disposal site for signs of stress
  • Review of wiring, pumps, floats, alarms

Typical Maintenance for an Advanced Wastewater Treatment System

  • Determine solid levels in the trash tank to decide when it is time to pump the tank
  • Clean filters
  • Supply chlorine tablets, or clean UV bulb
  • Test motors, blowers, pumps
  • Sample discharge to meet regulatory requirements

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