Most homeowners running on a septic system should be cautious when it comes to the signs and symptoms of a backed up septic system. This common problem is unfortunately never fun and it’s more so never convenient. If you’ve been experiencing a few of these symptoms below around your household, go ahead and have our team come out to check on your septic tank to make sure it’s not backed up and costing you money.

Here are tell tale signs that your septic tank is backed up.

1) You’ve got sewage backup. It sounds as bad as it seems. You see smelly dark liquid coming from toilets and drains around your home.

2) Your toilets and drains are slow to flush and drain.

3) More than one of your drains are running very slow, if at all.

4) Your wastewater is seeping out from the ground around your septic system and puddling up. It may even have a strong odor.

5) Bacteria found in your well. This can happen when liquid from your septic system flows into the tank and contaminates your drinking water.

6) Fresh and very green grass growth around your septic system outside, even during the dry hot summers of Arkansas.

7) Bad odors throughout your house due to a failing septic system.

Don’t let your backed up septic tank keep you up at night! We can help! For all of your wastewater needs, trust our team at Meinco Wastewater. Give us a call to schedule a maintenance visit today at 501-821-3837.

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