Welcome back to the Meinco Blog, readers! Today we’re going to cover something you may or may not have heard of before. The “Dirty Dozen” and Your Septic Tank go hand in hand and for very important reasons. If you’ve never heard of such a thing, the dirty dozen refers to things that you should at all costs avoid flushing down your septic system to avoid damage or harm.

The following chemicals or household products are known to have negative results when used with a home running on septic. It’s best to avoid using them if at all possible to keep your septic system in working and functional order now and down the road.

  1. Surfactants from laundry detergents and soaps.
  2. Antibacterial products and chemicals that are known to kill bacteria.
  3. Ammonias or “quaternary”. These are organic salt compounds found in disinfectants or softeners.
  4. Drain Cleaners are harmful to the healthy bacteria in your system causing the inability to treat the solids in the wastewater system.
  5. Liquid Fabric Softeners.
  6. Shower Cleaners with harmful chemicals, otherwise not septic safe.
  7. Paint, gasoline, oil, or antifreeze are all NO’s.
  8. Dry powder laundry detergents that are not marked “safe” for your septic.
  9. Toilet cleaners with harsh cleaning chemicals.
  10. Oily lotions and personal care products with microplastic beads.
  11. Drugs or Antibiotic pills are known to kill microbes in your system. Never flush pills or prescription medications down your septic.
  12. Avoid degreasers that contain carcinogens that will flow through the system and into your soil.

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