Here at Meinco Wastewater Systems, our goal is to be as educated and up to date on current practices and innovations to provide you with the best design and environmentally friendly wastewater system possible. We offer a variety of services for our clients and their wastewater needs. Our team of experts handles both residential and commercial systems. From install to maintenance, we can truly handle it all.

Here are our top three service offerings at Meinco Wastewater Systems.

1) DESIGN: We offer design services for our clients looking to build their new home with a wastewater system on their property. Any new construction utilizing a wastewater system does require a permit for construction from the Arkansas Department of Health.

Typical Wastewater System Designs:

Traditional field lines, gravity
Traditional field lines, dosed, low pressure dose
Advanced treatment, drip disposal
Advance treatment, direct discharge (NPDES permit required)

2) INSTALLATION: Our goal at Meinco, is to install your wastewater system with quality products that are constructed correctly the first time and built for years of trouble-free use. When your new build has been designed, we come in to install your new wastewater system that’s sure to last for years. Our team of experienced personnel installs wastewater systems using only high-quality products.

3) MAINTENANCE: Our hands-on-experience solves and prevents wastewater system problems. Our goal is protecting your investment with regular maintenance. Reliable and responsive, we have the experience to understand the cause of most issues and offer solutions to remedy the problem.

Typical Maintenance for a Traditional Wastewater System:

Determine solids levels in the septic tank to decide when it is time to pump the tank
Re-level the distribution box for equal flow to each field line
Examine the disposal site for signs of stress
Review of wiring, pumps, floats, alarms

Typical Maintenance for an Advanced Wastewater Treatment System:

Determine solid levels in the trash tank to decide when it is time to pump the tank
Clean filters
Supply chlorine tablets, or clean UV bulb
Test motors, blowers, pumps
Sample discharge to meet regulatory requirements

For more information on how we can service your wastewater system, give us a call at 501-821-3837.

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