We know we may be a bit biased here, seeing as how we work in the septic tank business but here at Meinco Wastewater we do have expert experience when it comes to knowing the real advantages of using septic over sewage systems. Now, whether you favor one or the other could actually depend on if you enjoy the independence and responsibility of having a septic system. In today’s blog post we’re going to break down the reasons why some homeowners, when given the choice, prefer septic over sewer systems.

The key difference in these two types of plumbing systems here is that each septic system serves a single property, where sewer lines actually connect whole sections of cities. Whether a given property has one or the other typically depends on its location, as sewer lines are more common in urban areas and septic tanks are found more often on rural properties.

The advantages of a septic tank system over a municipal sewer line primarily come down to cost and ecology. Plain and simple, you don’t have to worry about writing monthly checks or harming the environment with wastewater when your property has its own septic system.
Here are 4 reasons some homeowners prefer septic systems, when given the choice.

1) There are a variety of difference septic systems to choose from.

The differences of septic tank systems and what they’re made of range from durability and strength to low maintenance. Whether a tank type is known for one or the other quality will mostly depend on its material. The majority of septic tanks are constructed out of concrete, fiberglass, polyethylene or coated steel.

2) They’re cost-efficient and save you money each month.

A septic tank can help you save money in a variety of ways, from the installation all the way through to the day you decide it’s time to sell your property.

A new septic system will often cost significantly less than the installation of sewage pipes on a residential property. A septic system can be an especially cost-effective option if your house sits on a property of more than one acre.


They don’t carry any of the monthly costs associated with city-operated sewage systems. So long costly monthly water bills! We know we can’t be the only ones excited about that.

3) They’re long lasting and rarely need to be replaced.

A properly installed and well-maintained septic tank from Meinco Wastewater can be counted on to last for several years. Some have been known to last for upwards of 40 years.

4) They’re eco-friendly.

Septic systems are typically known to be friendlier to the environment because they don’t contaminate groundwater like leaky sewage lines can. Also, when a septic system does leak, the damage is contained to a particular stretch of property, and doesn’t carry city-wide issues and consequences.

A few other ways septic tanks are most known to be eco-friendly are:

They cut down on pollution. They do this by the use of drainfields and leachfields, which serve as natural filters. Before wastewater reaches the soil, the contents are strained through the septic tank. By the time the water enters the field, all of the bacteria is removed.
They’re even known to help local plant/wildlife. The method in which septic tanks recycle water is beneficial to nearby flora and fauna. Once it’s been released into the soil, the water spurs plant growth, which in turn provides food for nearby tree squirrels, insects and birds.

If you’re looking to make the switch to a septic system for your home, let our team at Meinco Wastewater help you with your install. We can answer any of your questions and get you running on septic in no time. Contact us today by calling us at 501-821-3837.

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