Most people get ready for Spring by doing serious deep cleaning around their homes. However, sometimes our septic systems can be overlooked when it comes to seasonal maintenance! In today’s Meinco blog post, we want to share a few helpful tips to help you get your home septic system ready for the seasonal change, just around the corner!

1. Schedule an inspection with Meinco Wastewater. By getting ahead of the game and scheduling a maintenance visit from our team, you can avoid any major repair issues that could pop up down the road. We’ll be sure to analyze the current state of your system and help identify any issues that may have popped up since your last maintenance visit. This is a preventative measure and can help save you money when it comes to repairs down the road.
2. Do you happen to notice any standing water around your septic cover? This could be a sign of a major issue going on with your system. Your septic tank could be clogged and in need of pumping and cleaning by our team. Be sure to avoid any harsh chemicals or cleaners that aren’t septic safe.
3. You may want to go ahead and redirect your gutters to prepare for Spring rain. We know that Arkansas springs are typically very rainy, so go ahead and make sure your gutters aren’t all directed towards your septic tank site to avoid any excess water in the area.
4. Last but not least, remember the do’s and don’ts of caring for your septic system no matter the season. Avoid using your garbage disposal for things that are not septic safe. Don’t flush things down your toilet that aren’t septic safe. And, conserve water when you can to help keep your septic system safe and happy to avoiding overworking it as much as possible.

For more information on how you can care for your wastewater system or to book a maintenance visit, please give us a call at Meinco Wastewater at 501-821-3837.

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