Laundry is one of those tasks that we all are faced with tackling, whether your home runs on a septic system or not. But, if you are a homeowner that runs on septic, there are some important factors you need to keep in mind as you run your washing machine on a regular basis to keep your system in optimal working order. Otherwise, you can be faced with serious maintenance issues that no homeowner wants to handle.

Here are a few of our top tips for the best laundry practices with a septic system: 

  1. Spread out your laundry days throughout the week instead of doing it all in one day. This helps conserve water as well as breaks up the workload of your septic system and the pipes leading to it.
  2. Consider utilizing “green” high-efficiency laundry machines that function with less water.
  3. Try to avoid using powder laundry detergent as these can be known to cause frequent clogs with build up in your septic system. The best choice is liquid laundry detergent or single pods that are safe for your septic system.
  4. Use septic-safe detergents such as Arm & Hammer, Method, or Mrs. Meyers Laundry detergents which are known to be better for the environment as well as safe on your plumbing.
  5. Avoid detergents that aren’t biodegradable when possible.

While keeping an eye out for the safest laundry detergents and practices is crucial, it’s most important to remember to keep your system pumped and maintained by a professional yearly for optimal efficiency and longevity of your system.

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