You’ve probably heard the common tip to avoid dumping grease down your kitchen sink. You probably also know it’s a good idea to avoid dumping solid objects down your toilet’s plumbing system. Should this happen on accident at your home, your septic system could suffer serious damage resulting in raw or untreated waste being released into the environment around your home.

Our team of wastewater experts at Meinco, wants to keep your system in tip-top shape to help you avoid any type of septic emergency at your home. We highly recommend that in order to do just that, it’s best to put certain items in the trash can rather than down the drains, in the toilets and down your septic system.

Avoid flushing or allowing these 10 items below down your septic plumbing system:
Dental floss
Baby Diapers
Flushable (or nonflushable) wipes
Cat litter (even when it says it’s “flushable”.)
Cotton balls, cotton swabs or cotton rounds
Antibiotic medications or treatments
Coffee grounds
Feminine hygiene products
Facial tissues or paper towels or sheets
Remember, if the item you’re considering flushing is not septic-safe, avoid putting it into the toilet or any other drain in your household.

For additional questions about the care of your home septic system, contact our team at Meinco Wastewater Systems at 501-812-3837! We’re happy to answer any questions or take a look at your system, so just give us a call!

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