We’re just weeks away from Christmas and you most likely have family traveling to your home to celebrate the holidays. It’s important that you make the necessary preparations with regard to your septic system to prevent any mishaps causing undue stress during the most wonderful time of year.
Here’s a list of things to remember when it comes to your septic system and holiday guests.

Make sure they know the “do not flush” list. Let your guests know that your home runs on a septic system and make sure that they have a good understanding of the “do not flush” list. This includes wipes (whether labeled “flushable” or not), diapers, feminine products and certain types of toilet paper.
Before they flush, educate them on efficient water use and basic septic system function to avoid any plumbing issues. It’s important that your guests understand how your septic system works so that they don’t overload it. Frequent bathroom usage, taking showers at the same time that laundry is being done or doing dishes during any of these other activities can cause septic system overload and backups.
Go ahead and have your system pumped before your holiday party. If you’re having a holiday party, increased bathroom use is often unavoidable. Be prepared by having your septic system pumped before your holiday parties to avoid any problems.

Avoid the stress of plumbing issues this holiday season by staying one stead ahead. The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is a failed or backed up septic system in the middle of their Christmas party. Educating your guests in advance, providing them with a “do not flush” list and having your system pumped before your holiday party are our top tips to keep you rocking around the Christmas tree stress free this year.

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