If you’ve never owned a home that runs on a septic system, it’s pretty common to buy into false septic system myths that scare you away from using them and much less purchasing one. It’s important to understand what’s true and what’s false when it comes to your plumbing system. Here are 5 of the most common septic system myths and how they’re debunked.

Myth: It’s cheaper to repair your wastewater system than having it pumped.

Fact: While pumping your septic system can be a costly expense every few years, it turns out to be cheaper than any repair that may come from not pumping and maintaining your septic system properly. Keep your septic system properly maintained by scheduling a regular visit from the Meinco team.

Myth: After looking inside my septic tank, I can tell it’s time to pump.

Fact: An average family can fill a septic tank to its operating level in just four days of regular water use. The best way to know when to pump a septic tank is to check the level of the solids. Leave this to the professionals and call our team to have this done for you.

Myth: It’s OK to build something on top of a septic tank as long as it’s not a permanent structure.

Fact: Building on top of a septic system can actually cause serious issues. The biggest issue with this is that if something is built on top of your system, it’s not accessible anymore. This means you’re unable to have it pumped out, which could cause a lot of frustration and mess when dealing with an emergency or back up. Building on top of your system can also cause your drain field to fail from a lack of oxygen going into the ground, which helps your drain field naturally treat the wastewater from the tank. Rule of thumb here: don’t build anything or drive over your septic system.

Myth: Household cleaners and chemicals won’t harm my septic system if I’m careful.

Fact: While the use of common household cleaners may not instantly stop your system from functioning, it can disrupt the balance of the living organisms in your septic tank.
These living bacteria are essential to keeping your system operating at its optimal level and avoiding future septic system disasters. Our advice? Don’t chance it and use septic safe cleaning products.

Caring for your septic system doesn’t have to be difficult. With the help of our expert team members at Meinco Wastewater, you can be sure that you, your family, your home and your septic system work together.

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