Welcome back to the Meinco blog! We’re so glad you stopped by because in today’s post we’re answering YOUR questions. Our owner, David has been in the wastewater business for over 20 years and is proud to be your trusted resource when it comes to all things septic and wastewater systems for your homes and businesses.

Our first question on deck is “Why is my septic tank filling up?”. This is a great question and really common when it comes to residential septic tanks.

In short, a septic tank should be able to function properly for around 2-3 years without needing to be drained or pumped. If you happen to find that yours is filling up and needing to be pumped every few months, you most likely have an issue on your hands as your tank is not working properly.

The most common issues leading to an overflowing septic tank are over-use and excessive rain. Here in Arkansas, Spring brings storm season and at times we can see an outpouring of rain in short periods of time which isn’t very helpful when it comes to malfunctioning septic systems.

A few other issues may be causing your septic tank to fill up more often which are a malfunctioning leach field or common household chemicals and cleaners. Both of these can be the culprit causing your tank to back up.

If any of these issues are coming up at your home or business with your wastewater system, please give our team a call at Meinco Wastewater so we can professionally inspect your system. We will be sure to get your wastewater system back up and running for you and get you on a regular maintenance schedule with our team.

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