Welcome back to another “Ask Meinco” blog post! We talk a lot about things you should avoid when your home runs on a septic system here on the Meinco blog. One very common question that comes up for homeowners and cleaning agents is whether or not they should use bleach with their septic system. It’s a common household cleaning product but is it safe for your septic plumbing system? Great question and we’re glad you asked!

We’ll go ahead and start off by saying that it’s important to understand that everyone’s septic household needs vary, depending on usage, condition, and frequency of chemicals or additives. Now, some moderate usage of household bleach will not necessarily completely damage your septic tank and the plumbing connected to it. However, you don’t want to just pour gallons upon gallons of it down your drains either. A little goes a long way very much applies here. While it’s best practice to avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach cleaner just to avoid any sort of potential damage, you don’t necessarily have to avoid it altogether. The reason it’s usually most suggested to avoid for homes running on septic is that bleach is made to kill bacteria. That means that the bacteria used to break down the solids in your septic tank isn’t able to its job when it no longer exists because of bleach treatment. So, you’ll want to avoid using clears made with bleach as best as you can, but it’s not the absolute worst case if you happen to use it every so often. If you do choose to go in the bleach cleaner direction, you can always use a bacteria additive with it as well. You’ll just need to be sure it’s safe for your system.

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