Welcome back to the Meinco Blog readers! In today’s post, we’re continuing to answer YOUR questions. Our owner, David has been in the wastewater business for over 20 years and is proud to be your trusted resource when it comes to all things septic and wastewater systems for your homes and businesses.

Our question of the day is “Can I use a disposal with a septic tank?”. This is a great question especially if you’re new to a home that runs on septic. So, let’s dive into the use of a disposal with your kitchen sink in a home that runs on septic.

The use of a garbage disposal is common in households, but the use of one in a home that runs on septic is actually not recommended. The reason being is that it can actually double up on the amount of solids that are added to your septic, causing it to double up on the work needed to function at its best. When our customers ask about the other options they might have to disposing of food waste without a disposal, we just simply recommend a good old fashioned trash bag kept under the sink so that you can easily scrape that leftovers into your trash can and dispose of it like normal trash. While it’s not the most ideal, it’s a super simple alternative that’ll keep your septic running as best as it can without overworking it with extra food solids it would need to process.

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