Have you ever wondered if the products that you are using in your home are safe for your septic
system? This is a very common occurrence and there actually are products that are better for your
system than others! Most people do not realize this, but products with too many chemicals can actually
be bad for the system. A septic system requires a balance of good and bad bacteria both and messing
with those chemical levels could be bad news for you as a responsible party.

Some things to consider when searching for products such as laundry detergent or toilet bowl cleaner
are to be aware of how many harsh chemicals the product contains, such as chlorine bleach,

phosphates, and MEA (ethanolamine). You want to avoid products with those ingredients as much as
possible. If you can find products without dyes, and products that are plant based, those are the type of
products that will be most gentle on your septic system.

Many of the detergents that are sold in multiple retail stores near you are just as good at removing
stains and leaving your items smelling fresh as the products with the added chemicals. Sometimes these
products are a tad more expensive than your regularly purchased items, however, would you rather
spend a few more dollars on the product, or spend a major chunk of your paycheck on a new septic
tank? There are even recipes on Google or Pinterest for you to try a “do it yourself” version of cleaning

Take the time to do your research on what you are putting into your septic systems. It will make all the
difference in the amount of money you spend on system maintenance.

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