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MEINCO Wastewater Services


MEINCO designs residential and commercial wastewater systems. Any new construction utilizing a...

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MEINCO’s experienced personnel install wastewater systems using high quality products.

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MEINCO’s hands-on-experience solves and prevents wastewater system problems. Our goal is...

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The MEINCO Advantage

MEINCO’s success can be attributed to our continuing education and training for employees, our use of quality products and best construction practices, and our more than fifty years of combined experience.
MEINCO’s expertise leads to the unique ability to solve problems effectively even on the most challenging sites.

Professional Presence

MEINCO has been in the onsite wastewater business since 1996. We regularly attend local and national tradeshows. Meinco’s respected team can handle your onsite wastewater needs.


Wastewater Permits

MEINCO can handle your permit preparation for wastewater permits through the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

Quality Installation

MEINCO is committed to installing your onsite wastewater system with quality products, by experienced people, and built for years of trouble free use.

Reliable Maintenance

MEINCO offers regular service and maintenance to keep your system operating for years to come.

FAQs About Our Wastewater Services

What is a percolation test?

A percolation test is a test to determine the water absorption rate of soil in preparation for the building of a septic disposal site. Soil morphology is now the accepted practice in Arkansas for determining soil suitability preformed by individuals certified to size absorption areas based on depth to seasonal water tables.

What is soil morphology?

Soil morphology is a method for reviewing and documenting characteristics and properties of the soil. These observations are used to determine soil suitability for absorption areas. This is the accepted practice in Arkansas.

What is a septic tank?

A septic tank is a watertight chamber made of concrete, fiberglass, PVC or plastic, through which domestic wastewater flows for primary treatment. Settling and anaerobic processes reduce solids and organics. The treated liquid effluent is commonly disposed in a septic drain field which provides final treatment.

What is a distribution box?

A distribution box is a device used for ensuring that effluent from a treatment unit is distributed in equal amounts to each line of a distribution pipe in a disposal site.

What is an ATU?

ATU is an acronym for Aerobic Treatment Unit and is defined as a mechanical wastewater treatment device that provides secondary wastewater treatment for a single home, a cluster of homes, or a commercial establishment by mixing air (oxygen) and aerobic and facultative microbes with the wastewater.

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